Aleksander Gref


For me, the greatest personality of the competition was (...) Aleksander Gref, who was born a conductor - nature endowed him with musicality and instincts. He is the only one who seems to play the orchestra himself. (...) That is why the music in his release is smooth, harmonious and lively ...

~ Gazeta Wyborcza

... His art of conducting charmed many people. (...) It brings a very individual, a bit magical world to the stage ...

~ Kurier Poranny

... The orchestra, which created an excellent background for the actors, was led by the young and talented (...) Aleksander Gref. Not so much the music as the sound, its realism, harmonization, sense of the right tone made me delighted ...

~ Tygodnik Poznański

... The orchestra was led at a good pace and sensitively by the young conductor Aleksander Gref, who had already presented himself conducting Bizet's "Carmen".

~Małgorzata Bielikowicz, Trubadur 1(22)

... Aleksander Gref led the entire executive apparatus in an amazingly efficient manner, allowing its individual elements to conveniently present their parts ...

~ Andrzej Chylewski, Głos Wielkopolski

Mr. Alexander! You are my pride, a racehorse and a conductor of a great chance. Bravo and all the best.

~ Managing Director of the Grand Theater in Poznań, Sławomir Pietras

... The performance of the orchestra under the direction of the extremely talented young Aleksander Gref was very interesting and suspenseful ... The orchestra efficiently led by Aleksander Gref accompanied the soloist wonderfully ... Undoubtedly, the concert was a great artistic event.


Aleksander Gref is a particularly interesting conductor. Works great with an orchestra ... He can make people interested and then enforce various details written in notes and often not very faithfully reproduced. He conducts broadly, vividly, and is also a dynamic and very active conductor. The ensemble tried and played precisely but also the correct inpulses came from the conductor: clear and expressive. ... He can lead a rehearsal in an effective and effective way, show but also give a sound effect ...

~ Adam Rozlach –